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Automotive Programming And Diagnostics

Platinum Programming & Diagnostics works closely with our clients to scan and diagnose each vehicle. Clearing the codes does not calibrate nor fix these systems and can adversely affect the proper functioning of the vehicle, while endangering the safety of passengers.​ We ensure all ADAS modules, both passive and active, are calibrated properly for drivers safety.

Pre And Post Scans

Scanning for diagnostic trouble codes.

  • Comprehensive print-out of all active modules
  • Facilitates the creation of a detailed repair plan
  • Detailed repair plan coincides with manufacturers requirements


Calibrating the different modules that scan for objects in the road.

  • Depending on vehicle type, either a stationary or dynamic calibration procedure is required after disassembly, open loop or a collision (in some vehicles both are required) to calibrate ADAS systems
  • Static calibrations are completed in a shop environment and requires the use of targets or patterns to complete (which cannot be done remotely)
  • Dynamic calibrations require the vehicle be driven on a road with well maintained markings for a determined time


Troubleshooting and diagnosing trouble / computer codes.

  • Identifying and addressing the vehicles' various information
  • Determining what coincides with the repair
  • Informing of the ADAS processes required for a safe and proper repair

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Platinum Programming & Diagnostics works closely with body shops and dealerships in the Houston, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee areas. We want to make sure recently repaired vehicles are safe to hit the road.