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Platinum Programming & Diagnostics is a Houston and Nashville based company providing automotive programming and diagnostics repair. We travel to your facility to assist in your repairs. If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us.

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Feel free to contact us and we can schedule a call or appointment with you.

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Platinum Programming & Diagnostics provides convenient and reliable solutions for all our clients. Our comprehensive pre and post scan procedure ensures that every module is calibrated properly.


We are committed to making sure every vehicle is safe and functioning properly.


Platinum Programming & Diagnostics travels to our clients at their convenience.


We are owned by fourth generation automotive / electrical workers with years of experience.

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Monday - Friday: 8 am to 6pm


1 (833) 752 - 8776
1 (833) PLAT - PRO

Platinum Programming & Diagnostics works closely with body shops and dealerships in the Houston, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee areas. We want to make sure recently repaired vehicles are safe to hit the road.