How to Choose the Right Automotive Shop

We understand there are plenty of auto body and collision repair shops out there. It can be overwhelming try to pick and choose the right one to perform work on your vehicle. Luckily, we’ve broken down the top steps that you can take in your search to find the right shop.

Check Reviews

The more informed you are as a consumer, the better. Take the time to ask around and see what others say about the shops you are looking at. Also, go on Google and do some searching around. Most businesses have Google, Yelp, or Facebook reviews which tell you about other’s experience with the business.

Get to Know the Employees

When you are getting your initial estimate, get to know the advisor. Be mindful of how he or she is treating you and your time. Any good advisor will make sure that you are in good hands and you will be happy. Ask them about how they are going to handle your car. Lastly, ask for a business card, so you have a way to contact them in the event you need something.

Obtain Several Estimates

When you have narrowed down your list to a handful of shops, go to each one and get an estimate. This holds each shop accountable in making sure you aren’t getting overcharged. However, understand that cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Just like many things, you “get what you pay for.” Additionally, when you do end up choosing a shop, do not expect the estimate amount will be the actual cost. Sometimes when auto shops are taking apart cars, they discover more issues which will add to the costs.

Listen to Your Intuition

If you have a bad or good feeling about a particular shop, you might want to give that shop precedence over the others. Who knows, there might be subtle things that you noticed that gives you pause (or comfort). Sometimes it’s better to just listen to your gut.

Final Recommendations

We wish you the best in your endeavor of finding a good auto body shop. However, we highly recommend checking out Krause’s Collision if you need auto body or collision repair done. On the other hand, we provide automotive programming and diagnostics if that is something you need done.

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